Q. What is the minimum order I can place?
A. Our minimum order is $100 on all wholesale orders.

Q. Do I have to order 2pcs per size even if I am placing a larger order?
A. No. If your order is more than $300, you can order any quantity per size. However, if your order is under $300, then the minimum quantity is 2pcs per size.

Q. What if I want to return an item?
A. Permission to return merchandise must be secured from our home office in El Campo, Texas within 15 days of receipt of goods by mail or faxing a written request for an authorization number.

Q. How can I pay for my purchase?
A. Please see the payment options here.

Q. Can I choose a future ship date for my order?
A. Yes. You can choose a date if you do not want us to ship UNTIL a future date. However, this does not guarantee that it will ship ON that date. If your ship date comes up and the items are still in production or are not yet available, we may wait on shipping the order until it is fully available.

Q. Can I choose to ship as soon as possible?
A. Yes. In the notes of your order, please state "Need ASAP. Ship Incomplete". This will tell us that if we are out of stock of an item, ship only what we do have as soon as possible.

Q. Can I cancel my order?
A. You are only able to cancel an order if it has not shipped and it is within 10 days of the day the order was placed.

Q. What is the sizing conversion for the Panties/Diaper Covers?
A. For Panty sizing:
Size 1 22-24 lbs or 1yr
Size 2 25-28 lbs or 2yrs
Size 3 29-32 lbs or 3yrs
Size 4 33-37 lbs or 4yrs
Size 5 38-41 lbs or 5yrs
Size 6 42-53 lbs or 6yrs
Size 7 54-57 lbs or 7yrs
Size 8 58-63 lbs or 8-9yrs
Size 10 64-72 lbs or 10yrs

Diaper Covers
NB 0-3 months
S 3-6 months
M 9-12 months
L 18 months
XL 24 months

Diaper Cover Size for Style 162 & 100160
P1 3-5 lbs
Pre up to 6 lbs
NB 0-3m or 7-11 lbs
XS 6M or 12-15 lbs
S 9M or 16-19 lbs
M 12M or 20-23 lbs
L 18M or 24-27 lbs
XL 24M or 28-30 lbs

Order information

Ordering online is the fastest method of ordering from New ICM.

Basic orders usually ship within 1 or 2 business days.
Fashion orders typically take longer to ship based on availability and which items you are ordering.

Payment options

Pay Now - Credit Card - This is the fastest option available.
Bill me when it ships - Credit Card - Please enter your credit card information in the following screen after order completion.
Bill me when it ships - COD - Please write "COD" in the notes of your order.
Bill me when it ships - Net30 - Please write "Net30" in the notes of your order. This will require authorization if you are not already approved.
Bill me when it ships - Other - If you have any other payment method you would like to use, please specify the payment option in the notes and we will do our best to accommodate your request.